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No need for Google translate

I’m sorry if I have put you through the hassle of copy pasting my website into Google translate. When I first arrived here about a month ago I didn’t put much thought into how my own online presence would have to change in order for me to reach out to people.

My page has remained Swedish with a naive thought that most people wouldn’t read it anyway. Besides, most of my time has been spent talking to inspiring and creative people in the Bay Area which I would qualify as a valid excuse if anything.

Anyway, today I finally came to the conclusion that for someone who prides herself in knowing how to communicate well it’s simply not good enough. My traffic from the States has increased throughout the weeks and it wouldn’t be¬†fair not to offer some kind of site to visit. It can be hard enough to remember the owner of that business card you’re holding in your hand.

Here it is, my tiny window for you to peek in through. It’s not quite as informative as the Swedish site, but it is a place to visit when you need to double check something.

So no more need for Google Translate, at least not here.



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