My book - Marketing for the small business

My book about marketing

As a small business marketing manager I learned that there is always more that can be done. I also learned that it is impossible to do it all. When people started asking me for advice on how to achieve results I decided to start my own business as a marketing consultant. When I started, I did so realizing how important it is for small business marketing managers and sole proprietors to cope with the stress of our fast changing marketing world. For me, the best way was to set a realistic plan to begin with and set the dates for what to do and when to do it. It proved to be a simple tactic that worked for me and that I believe could work for anyone.

Innovative solutions

As a consultant I can only offer my limited time. It soon became evident that to help more people I’d have to come up with something else. Since I had been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I knew that there is no better place to study innovative solutions than here. And so I decided to make a trip out here and write a hands on book about marketing. My book is for the small business owners who want to understand modern day marketing and learn how to do it themselves. It is based on the idea that helped me – setting a realistic plan that tells you what to do and when to do it. Besides inspirational stories, step-by-step guidance and recommended tools it will also provide its readers with an annual marketing calendar to be filled out and used.

I’m looking for you

I want to talk to anyone who’d be willing to share their stories with my readers – business owners and marketing professional. The topics range from strategic choices and tactics to digital media, and the how-tos for organizing marketing efforts. But what’s most interesting to me is to hear your stories. Have you tried something new that turned out to be a hit? Have you wasted your time on something everyone told you would work? Do you know something that you can’t wait to tell the rest of the world? Please contact me and let’s learn from each other. Looking forward to talking to you, signatur